What is your school philosophy?

At Ecole Nouvelle Vague, we claim a school where every child can express himself, take responsibility, cooperate, and experiment. We want to build an environment where our students develop their critical thinking, their autonomy and access to real responsibility in a living class open to the world. 


Our teachers are passionate about knowledge and also want their students to thrive socially and physically. Our curriculum fosters the development of our students while helping them demonstrate their unique qualities. Our program is designed so that children of all aptitudes can learn and thrive.


Our school promotes a peaceful and pleasant learning environment where students are taught to resolve conflict in a respectful and non-aggressive way. Our school has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of bullying. We share our anti-bullying policy with our students and their parents at the beginning of the year and we organize workshops with the students to build awareness and promote respect for others. 


Our patrimonial building has been completely newly renovated. Its state of the art air-conditioned system and well-lit classes give our students a safe environment to grow and learn.

What type of student population do you have?

Our school accepts students with many different academic and emotional profiles. Our students come from geographically and ethnically diverse environment, at the image of the Montreal metropolis, making our school a rich and stimulating place where our students can exchange ideas and learn.

What curriculum do you use?

Ecole Nouvelle Vague is a bilingual school, French and English. Some courses will be in French, others in English, and physical education and art classes will be bilingual to allow our students to express their creativity in the language that is most natural to them.


Our curriculum exceeds the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Quebec. In order to best prepare our children for a diverse environment, we offer an enriched bilingual program, as well as sports activities every day of the week, as well as daily outdoor activities, music classes twice a week, arts and initiation to sciences for the younger students.

Class hours and Study period

We open our doors at 8 am. Parents are welcome to leave their children in the school playground where they stay until class start under the supervision of two staff members. Classes begin at 8:30 am and end at 4 pm for kindergarten and at 5 pm for elementary school students.  Elementary students do their homework under the supervision of a teacher from 4pm to 5pm.


Indeed, we believe that our students deserve some quality time without the stress of homework at home. This is why we have implemented a study period at the end of the day, from 4 pm to 5 pm, under the supervision of our teachers.

What are your class sizes?

We know that class size can affect the quality of education. A major decision of our school was to opt for smaller class sizes and lower student-to-teacher ratios, leading to more personalized attention, differentiated instruction, and student engagement.


Our class sizes vary from 15 to 22 students, depending on the class level. We also have teachers’ assistant helping during class.

What are your teachers’ qualifications?

All our teachers have a Bachelor in Education, the Quebec teaching certification (Brevet d’enseignement du Québec) , First Aid certification and a clean Police Record check. On top or their legal qualifications, our teachers are passionate about teaching and thrive to create a positive learning class.